Lesson PDFs

Expo 2019

'Finding the Origins of Your German Ancestors'

'On the Contrary, Dead Men (and Women) Do Tell Tales'

'A Visual Journey Beyond the Census'

'Exploring Eastern European Research 10-2019'

'Records of Genealogical Value Sheet1'

'Gathering The Info Handout2019'

'Spanish Research Anywhere in the World'

'Organizing Genealogy on Your Computer Handout'

'What Do You Do if Your DNA Doesn't Match Your Paper Trail'

'JHibben-Siblings HO'

'Hibben-TV Gen Resaerch-syllabus'

'Researching Your Hispanic Ancestors, Syllabus'

'Genealogy as Detective Work'

'Writing the Story of an Ancestor'

'Colonial Genealogical Records Handout'

Expo 2018

'Organize Your Genealogy Research with Evernote'

'How I Turned Sparse Genealogy Information into a Great Big Family History'

'What Our Ancestors Feard Most: Diseases and Their Treatments'

'BEWARE! The Enchanted Forest: Perils & Pitfalls of Online Trees'

'Tattle Tale: Ethical Dilemmas Faced by 21st Century Genealogists'

'How to Get Started with Indexing Online'

'Researching Your Hispanic Ancestors'

'Utilizing Oral History to Document the Lies of Your Ancestors'

There Was NO Fair in 2017

Fair 2016

'It's Time to Write Your Family History, Part 1: Getting Started'

'Beginning Genealogy'

'Road Trip'

'Three Approaches to Finding Databases'

'Turning Genealogy Into Family History: Stories from Stats'

'Ethic Groups: They Came Into America'

'Organizational Strategies for Your Family History Data History'

'It's Time to Write Your Family Story, Part 2: Making it Interesting'

'Tell Your Family Story Visually and Digitally'

'Exploring Events in American History as They Affected Our Own Family's History'

'Heraldry: Where Art and Family History Meet, Part 1: The Basics of Blazon'

'Re-Do Your Genealogy Research?'

'What to Do When Your DNA Doesn't Match Your Paper Trail: A Case Study'

'Creating an Interactive Family Tree Using Power Point and Hyperlinks'

'The Story of the Scots-Irish'

'Oral Histories: Story Telling and Writing Personal and Family Histories'

'Heraldry: Where Art and Family History Meet, Part 2-Marshaling the Cadence'

'It's NOT About Zombies: Doing Cemetery Research'

'G.5 Genealogy Programs to Simplify the Life of a Genealogist'

'Who Is That? Why Did Your Ancestor Associate with Apparent Strangers'

'Using the Census in Genealogical Research'

'Researching Chinese Genealogy for Paper Sons'

'How to Organize Your Genealogy Records Into Family Heirloom Books'

'Using Software in Doing Family History: Organize and Record/What Others May Know About Your Family'

'Reading Gothic Handwriting Workshop Tree'

'Legacy for Beginning and Intermediate Users'

'Shortcuts in Using FamilySearch'

'Understanding Your DNA Results'

Fair 2015

'Shoot "Picture Perfect" with Your Cell Phone's Digital Camera'

'Photo Retouching for Beginners Part 1: Foundations & Fundamentals'

'Photo Retouching for Beginners Part 2: Key Photoshop Techniques'

'A Pro's Strategies for Mid-19th Century Research: a Case Study'

'Who's the Father? Finding Fathers of Illegitimate Children in England'

'Breathe Life into Your Personal Story Part 1'

'They Came in Ships from Europe'

'Understanding the Family Search Wiki'

'Cloning Your Family Tree on the Internet'

'Spanish Land Grants in the Southwest'

'Breathe Life into Your Personal Story Part 2'

'How to Research a Cemetery'

'Understanding Legacy Software'

'Ethnic Groups: They Came to America'

'Got Brick Wall? - Do It Backwards'

'Publishing Your Family History'

'Climbing Mountains in Germany'

'Online: How You Get There Does Make a Difference'

'Beginning Genealogist'

'Italian Research Prior to 1800'

'Handling Online Queries'

'Deliveries in the Rear: Getting Information through the Back Door'

'Document Sources'

'Online Tools for Genealogists'

'Researching Through the Maternal and Sibling Lines'

'Introduction to Family Search Family Tree'

'Second Steps in Family History Research'

'County Websites: An Overlooked Resource'

'Oral History'

'Yours Mine and Ours'

'Indexing: Stepping Stones to Family History Research'

'Unlocking Relationships with DNA'

'Why You Can't Find Your Ancestor in the Index'

Fair 2014

'Mom & Pop Culture: Creating a Culture of Family History in Your Family & in the Home'

'What's in Your Cemetery?'

'Utilizing Oral History to Document the Lives of Your Ancestors'

'Using Online Sources to Expand the Family Story'

'Unlocking Relationships with DNA'

'Preserving Heirlooms - Your Genealogical Treasures'

'Life Story Writing for Genealogists'

'Grandpa's on My iPad: Sharing your Family History Using Social Networks

'Legacy for Beginners'

'Finding Your Ancestor in Federal Court Records'

'Putting It All Together'

'How the Music & Instruments of Your Ancestors are Relevant to FH Research'

'First Writes - 40 Writing Exercises for Older Adults'

'Computers: the Fast Moving Tablet Smartphone & UltraBook Market'

'Where to Start When Your Genealogy is "All Done"

'Legacy & Legacy FamilySearch - Intermediate and Advanced Users'

'Where to Go In and For Southern California'

'U.S. History for Genealogists - the Colonial Period'

'A Little Latin for Genealogists'

'Interviewing to Get the Story'

'Family History: Research & Results for the Beginner'

'Breathe Life Into Your Ancestors - Part 1'

'Free Smart Phone Apps for Genealogists'

'U.S. History for Genealogists - the National Period'

'Social Security Death Index - Now What? How to Use What You Have found'

'Excel and Word - The Genealogist's Best Friends'

'How to Shoot Impressive Cell Phone Photos'

'Finding Your Story in the U.S. Census'

'Organizing Your Genealogy into Family Heirloom Books'

'World War II Records: What is Available What is Not How to Find Them What They Reveal'

'Comparative Genealogy Software'

'FamilySearch Workshop: What's where and how to use it'

'FamilySearch Workshop: Adding Editing and Correcting'

'Creating A Culture of Family History in Your Family and Your Homet'

Fair 2013

'Hands-on: Plotting Land Grants in the Public Land States'

'Correcting the Tree'

'Avoiding These Common Family History Writing Mistakes'

'Beginning Genealogy'

'Legacy Family Tree - for Beginners'

'The Who, What, When, Were and Why of Writing'

'Starting out with DNA: Using DNA to Expand Your Family Tree'

'Search and Find in Family Search'

'Tips for Publishing Your Family Tree'

'Branching Points in Your Life'

'Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution'

'The Standard Search Order in FamilySearch and Beyond - Part 1'

'Conducting Oral Histories'

'The Research Cycle'

'Colonial Records'

'The Standard Search Order in FamilySearch and Beyond - Part 2'

'Writing and/or Publishing a Personal Family or Oral History'

'Limitations of OCR'

'British Parish Register and Census Records'

'Researching Through Maternal and Sibling Lines'

'Ancestral Quest 101'

'Beginning Research'

'Adding Sources to Family Tree'

'Spanish Research'

'Roadblock: Where Do I Go From Here?'

'Using Legacy to Research and to Synch with FamilySearch Family Tree'

'What Does It Really Say? Hints for Deciphering Foreign Language Records'

'Indexing: the Backbone of FamilySearch'

'Finding and Organizing Aids and Resources that Help us Complete our Family TreeSearch'