Barbara Renick

Barbara teaches at many national and state genealogy conferences and at least monthly at the Family Search Library in Orange California. She was a contributing editor for the National Genealogical Society computer magazine for eleven years and authored Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family’s History and Heritage sponsored by NGS for their 100th Anniversary; and currently serves on the NGS Board of Directors as secretary. The ‘Z’ Links page at her ZRoots.com web site is also very popular among genealogists who use it as their browser home page.

2016 Sessions with Barbara Renick

1D Three Approaches to Finding Databases in FamilySearch
Syllabus: 2016/1D_Three_Approaches_to_DB.pdf

This lecture covers the types of places genealogists find useful databases (including the really big sites, geopolitical sites, volunteer and free projects, and government sponsored sites), tools for finding the type of database you need, and different search techniques for online databases.

3E Introduction to the FamilySearch Wiki

The FamilySearch Wiki is rich in links to databases online (both at FamilySearch and elsewhere on the Web) and background information on where to look and how to evaluate what you find and don't find. It is an extremely valuable free source for both beginning and advanced genealogists.

5E Watermarks in FamilySearch: Ensuring Your Research Lives After You

Genealogists typically build strong family trees over a period of years and often decades. They add obscure sources and record interviews with generations now passed who knew our ancestors. There are now at FamilySearch.org ways to preserve and take credit for your valuable finds. This lecture covers ways to mark your research finds to take (hopefully) permanent credit for your work then store and attach these resources to your family tree at FamilySearch to make them find-able by future generations.

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