Doug Ayer

Before entering college Doug fulfilled the entrance requirements by taking courses in Latin and German, and continued his study of scientific German in college. Soon after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State College, he was drafted into the army and spent 15 months in Germany.
As an amateur, he has been engaged in genealogy for almost 55 years, but it was not until researching at the Orange County FamilySearch Library that he found a use for all this preparation. He continues to trace his wife’s and son-in-law’s families in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. His studies, research, and volunteer work at the OCFSL serve as the foundation for the class presentation today.

2014 Sessions with Doug Ayer

3F A Little Latin for Genealogists
Syllabus: Ayer14_A_Little_Latin_for_Genealogists.pdf

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