Carl Jacquier

• Carl Jacquier was born and raised in Long Beach, CA.
• Married to Melinda Roles, has four children and six grandchildren.
• He is a computer software developer and an accomplished musician.
• Started working on his family history about 30 years ago.
• Along with his wife he has been a staff member at the Orange Family History Center for 3 years. He is currently writing a computer program to digitize the card catalog at the Center.
• He started indexing shortly after the church introduced the Indexing program and has been doing it ever since.
• He is an indexing arbitrator.
• He has ward responsibilities in helping members with their Family History.
• He has taught FamilySearch, FamilyTree, Indexing, and Legacy classes.

2016 Sessions with Carl Jacquier

4E Indexing from A to Z

Demonstrate the ease of indexing, the importance of following instructions, how to downloading the software and create a FamilySearch account, provide instruction on the icons used, and demonstrate working on an indexing project.

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