Butch Hibben, CLA

L.A. (Butch) Hibben, Certified Legacy Advisor, has been involved in the field of family history from his youth, when he took a typing class in school in order to help his grandmother by typing up the family group sheets and pedigree charts for the family's Book of Remembrance. Knowing about his ancestry has been as much a part of his life as knowing basic life skills. Fortunate enough to speak with his forebears about their experiences as Arizona pioneers, Butch has remembered the stories and the roles his family played in the history of the states of Utah and Arizona. Butch, like his ancestor pioneers, was a trailblazer in the field of computers, having become involved in the field in the late 1950s while serving in the U.S. Navy. After his discharge, he continued in the field as a computer technician for many years until his retirement in 2008. It is no wonder that he was inspired to assist others in preserving their heritage when he was introduced to the Living Legacy Project in 2011 and, again, he is carrying on his ancestors' tradition of pioneering in the world of on-line preservation. He has his own legacy to pass along, having sired five children, four of which have gone on to make him grandfather to twenty-four and great-grandfather to fifteen. He is the former Assistant Director for the Corona Family History Center and is married to genealogist Jean Wilcox Hibben. They make their home in the Lake Mathews area of Western Riverside County, California. Butch, a former square dance caller, is an audio technician and plays saw and spoons. He can be reached through the website, the Living Legacy Project link on <www.circlemending.org>.

2016 Sessions with Butch Hibben, CLA

3G 5 Computer Programs to Simplify the Life of a Genealogist
Syllabus: 2016/3G_LAHibben-HO-5Prgms-2016.pdf

Learn about five programs that will allow you to use your computer (PC only) more efficiently and with less fear. Great tools for genealogists of all levels.

4F The Living Legacy Project: Share Your Heritage with Your Family

Use a FREE website to share your family's history with the next generation and preserve images and audio with ease. Learn the basics and reasons for the importance of this.

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