Gary Shumway, PhD

Born and raised in Blanding, San Juan Co., Utah.
Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Brigham Young University, Ph.D. from University of Southern California. Professor of History Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton, having taught in the History Department from 1967 to 2006. Areas of teaching expertise: Western U.S. History, Oral History, general U.S. History. Retired June 2, 2006. Founding Director of the Oral History Program at California State University, Fullerton. Author of a number of books, articles and other publications regarding Oral History, family, mining and community history. Frequent and willing speaker at family history organizations and conferences.
Married to Sandra Jean Butler since 1961, four children, eleven grandchildren.
Selected as a fellow of the Utah State Historical Society in 2008 in recognition of his outstanding historical research and his dedication to Utah history.

2014 Sessions with Gary Shumway, PhD

1C Utilizing Oral History to Document the Lives of Your Ancestors
Syllabus: Shumway14_Utilizing_Oral_History_to_Document.pdf
3D U.S. History for Genealogists—the Colonial Period
Syllabus: Shumway14_United_States_History_for_FH_One.pdf
4D U.S. History for Genealogists—the National Period
Syllabus: Shumway14_United_States_History_for_FH_Two.pdf

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