Janet Hovorka

Janet Hovorka (janethovorka.com) received a B.A. in Ancient Near Eastern History and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from BYU. She and her husband Kim Hovorka own Family ChartMasters (www.familychartmasters.com). They are the award-winning, official printers for most of the genealogy software and database companies and pride themselves in being able to print any kind of genealogy chart, from beautiful fine art pieces to 600-foot family reunion charts for writing on.
Janet is the author of the Zap The Grandma Gap (zapthegrandmagap.com) book and workbooks to help families connect with their family by connecting them to their family history. She is passionate about the nutrition family history brings to the souls of her family members. Janet writes the award winning The Chart Chick blog (www.thechartchick.com) the new Zap The Grandma Gap blog (www.zapthegrandmagap.blogspot.com) and has written for numerous genealogy publications. She is immediate past President of the Utah Genealogical Association and teaches library science and genealogy courses at Salt Lake Community College. She has presented hundreds of lectures all over the world to help people learn about their family&rsqu;s history. Janet loves traveling to genealogy conferences and working with genealogists—the greatest group of people in the world.

2014 Sessions with Janet Hovorka

Key Grandma's Bulletproof Vest:
Why Your Grandchildren Need You to Do Family History
1A Mom & Pop Culture: Creating a Culture of Family History in Your Family & in the Home
Syllabus: Hovorka14_Mom_n_Pop_Culture.pdf
2A Grandpa’s on My iPad: Sharing your Family History Using Social Networks
Syllabus: Hovorka14_Grandpas_ipod.pdf
3A Where to Start When Your Genealogy is “All Done”
Syllabus: Hovorka14_Where_to_Start.pdf

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