Marilyn Pope

Marilyn, a native of Pennsylvania, began her lifelong involvement in family history the same year she graduated from Penn State University. Shortly thereafter she moved to California and began a career as a high school teacher. For a brief period of time, she also taught genealogical research for Fullerton College. During the time that FamilySearch / Family Tree was being unrolled to the public, Marilyn was living in the Salt Lake City area and serving in the Salt Lake Family History Library where she was both an instructor of genealogical research methods and the teaching coordinator of the program designed to teach genealogical research to missionaries serving in the Salt lake City Family History Library. As FamilySearch / Family Tree has evolved and expanded, Marilyn has kept up with its advancements and is currently the director of training at the Orange County Family History Center where she focuses on teaching classes and sharing information regarding family research, in general, and FamilySearch / Family Tree in particular. Marilyn is married to Donald L. Pope and the mother of their four children.

2016 Sessions with Marilyn Pope

1G Organizational Strategies for Your Family History Data
Syllabus: 2016/1G_Organizational_Strategies_Syllabus.pdf

Reduce paper work, eliminate duplication of effort, and enjoy having both your records and your research easily accessible. This class focuses on new ways to organize your research, store your notes and records, and give you easy access to your records, notes and sources. You need only a few pieces of paper, your computer, and a flash drive.

3B Search and Find in FamilySearch

Enhance your digital searching experience. Learn both basic and lesser known techniques, which more readily yield relevant results. Focus will be FamilySearch, but techniques can generally be applied to other sites as well.

5B Fixing the Tree

FamilySearch has been accumulating data and family trees for more than 100 years. Currently all data from all collections is available in Family Tree. Now the task is to "fix" the tree — to eliminate duplicates, to reverse inappropriate merges, to restore data, and to add sources, which verify individuals, their families, their ancestors, and their descendants. A single, accurate tree for humanity is the goal. This class will use a case sturdy approach to illustrate "fixes" in merging, restoring, eliminating duplication, adding, correcting, and removing data, data standardization, and sourcing.

A PDF version of "Fixing the Tree" will be offered to those who attend the class.

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