Mimi Lozano Holtzman/Somos Primos

A professional developer of educational materials, upon retirement in 1986, Mimi became fully devoted to family history research. In 1990, she became the volunteer editor of a Hispanic heritage-focused publication, Somos Primos distributed as a print quarterly for the Society of Hispanic Historical Ancestral Research, which she co-founded. Since January 2000, Somos Primos has been distributed as a free online monthly magazine.
Mimi’s growing interest in writing personal and family stories developed as a result of her family and genealogical research. “I found fascinating facts that my ancestors’ presence predate the founding of the United States. I’ve learned also that everyone has a story to tell. I think we have a responsibility to learn the history of ourselves and also one another.”
Mimi’s writings include poetry, plays, short stories, choreography, video scripts, educational materials. She was a member of the International Pen Women and wrote a series of mini-historical bios published by the Orange County Register’s Spanish language, Excelsior.

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