Letty Rodella

Letty Rodella is a retired educator having spent 42 years in the educational field. Those years included teaching elementary school in El Paso, Texas and in Southern California. She retired as district administrator and upon retirement continued on as an independent educational consultant. In addition to that, she was university supervisor for student teachers at CA. State Long Beach. Her love of genealogy started 15 years ago and now covers the present and moves back in history to her ancestors of the early 1500s. She has been a presenter for various genealogy groups in Central and Southern California. Her presentations focus on Organizing Your Research, Mexican Research, and Spanish Patriots in New Spain during the American Revolution. Letty is President of SHHAR, The Society of Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research.

2014 Sessions with Letty Rodella

5E Organizing Your Genealogy into Family Heirloom Books
Syllabus: Rodella14_Organizing.pdf

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