Bob Shaw

Bob and his wife are now serving as church service missionaries at the FamilySearch Library in Orange. Other callings have been director of the Cypress Stake FHC and High Council—Temple and Family History. Bob’s background includes having been raised on an orange orchard in La Habra and his family roots here predate the establishment of Orange County. Bob most enjoys helping others organize and begin their own family record.
The FHC Director session will focus on available reference materials and the FamilySearch wiki for training consultants and FHC Directors. Bob and his wife also share their best practices—and welcome Q&A.

2016 Sessions with Bob Shaw

4G Using Software in Doing Family History: Organize and Record
Syllabus: 2016/4G_5G_Fair_2016_Presentation.pdf

While doing family history can be a great frustration in and of itself, doing it using a computer can be both a blessing and a curse. Come see how some of us have learned to avoid the curse and profit from the various programs available. This is a class on starting off as a successful family historian with nary a roadblock in sight.

5G Using Software in Doing Family History: What Others May Know About Your Family
Syllabus: 2016/4G_5G_Fair_2016_Presentation.pdf

Once you have what you know about your family organized and recorded, why not see what other folk have discovered about the same people? You might be surprised how easy it is to extend a line or fill in missing info on "great-uncle Jim" ... sometimes they even might agree with what you know!

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