Nancy Huebotter

Nancy Huebotter, a recognized lecturer on various genealogy topics, has spent over 40 years researching her family history. Along with her parents, Nancy researched, wrote, and published a family history book entitled, Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Carroll and Ellis Miller, a 395 year history of her mother's lines. She is currently writing her father's biography, which she entitled Not for a Nickel. The story highlights his military service and subsequent imprisonment in a German POW camp during World War II.
By profession, Nancy is in the midst of a 40-year career with Raytheon Company (formerly Hughes Aircraft Company) where she is a principal technical writer and an instructor. As a board member of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association, she is Director of Educational Development and editor of the news magazine (a bi-yearly publications), Echoes. She spends her free time engaged in conducting family history research; volunteering at St. Jude Medical Center; reading, knitting or crocheting; or pursuing her dream of becoming a novelist!

2016 Sessions with Nancy Huebotter

3A Keeping a Timeline... and Why
Syllabus: 2016/3A_Adding_Timelines_familyhistoryfair.pdf

Placing your ancestor in the context of history is a means of getting to know them at a very human level. The use of a timeline, to place events in chronological order, will assist the researcher in learning more about the ancestors as well as additional records that may be available to increase familiarity with family members.

4A Planning and Organizing a Successful Family Reunion
Syllabus: 2016/4A_Planning_Your_Family_Reunion_Syllabus.pdf

Planning and organizing a family reunion can be a very rewarding experience, but in order to have a successful event, considerable thought and planning is involved. Much like planning a wedding, time is involved. However, with a plan and a schedule, by the time the date of the reunion arrives, all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy the festivities.

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