Joe Leavitt

Joseph Leavitt is the Family History Committee Chairman and Genealogical Database Manager for the Western Association of Leavitt Families (www.leavittfamilies.org). His retirement from a 37-year career with IBM in 2002 has allowed him time to assist the many patrons of the Orange County FamilySearch Library. You will find him there on Wednesday mornings from 9 AM to 1 PM. He has written many instructional articles, and taught numerous classes on the use of genealogy records management programs and related utilities. He favors the Legacy Family Tree genealogy program, and will be presenting helpful information about this program at the library's annual Family History Fair.

2015 Sessions with Joe Leavitt

1F Legacy Family Tree - for Beginners
Syllabus: Legacy_for_Beginners.pdf
2H Using Legacy to Research and to Synch with FamilySearch Family Tree
Syllabus: Using_Legacy_to_Research_and_to_Sync_with_FS_FT.pdf

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